Willy Serniclaes

Speech Perception


Selected Publications:


Serniclaes, W. & Salinas, J. (2011). Perception of place-of-articulation distinctions : common representation for vowels and consonants. ICPhS XVII (International Congress of Phonetic Sciences), Hong Kong 17-21 August 2011, 1794-1797.

Serniclaes & Salinas ICPhS 2012_Proceedings.pdf


Serniclaes, W. (2011).  Features are phonological transforms of natural boundaries. In Eds. G.N. Clements and R. Ridouane (John Benjamins) Where do phonological features come from? 237-257.


Hoonhorst, I., Medina, V., Colin, C., Markessis, E., Radeau, M., Deltenre P., & Serniclaes, W. (2011).  The development of categorical perception: comparisons between voicing, colors and facial expressions. Speech Communication, 53, 417-430. doi:10.1016/j.specom.2010.11.005


Serniclaes, W., Beeckmans, R. & Radeau, M. (2010). Lexical Influences on the Perceptual Categorization of French Stops. Journal of Portuguese Linguistics, 9, 161-182.


Medina, V., Hoonhorst, I., Bogliotti, C., & Serniclaes, W. (2010). Development of voicing perception in French: Comparing adults, adolescents and children. Journal of Phonetics, 36, 493-503.  doi:10.1016/j.wocn.2010.06.002


Hoonhorst, I., Colin, C., Markessis, E., Radeau, M., Deltenre, P., & Serniclaes, W. (2009). French native speakers in the making: from language-general to language-specific voicing boundaries. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 104, 353-366.